The Benefits of Eating Doritos and Drinking Mountain Dew

Riley Myk
4 min readOct 1, 2018

The Doritos and Mountain Dew advertisement in the 2018 super bowl brings a different approach on reaching our emotions. They showed Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman, two very well known celebrities, to create an ad that is absolutely hilarious. This ad also cleverly pokes at one specific emotion that everyone has. That’s the need that we all have to dominate. This ad is perfectly executed when it comes to the target audience. By using these two actors, the younger generation as well as the older generation can connect to it. This commercial tells us that by eating doritos, and drinking mountain dew, you will dominate in everything you do, as well as have special powers, like breathe fire or ice, etc. The ad tells us that no other chip or drink can give you this effect, which draws the consumer into purchasing doritos and mountain dew.

Throughout the entire ad, they are focused on making the viewer feel the need to dominate in anything and everything they do. While walking in a straight line of what looks like a enormous mansion, music is being played and lip synced to with the lyrics of “you ain’t ever gonna stop me”, or “y’all can’t stop me now”. The music choice along with the facial expressions and body language of the two actors gives off the extreme assumption that they are better than everyone else at whatever they are doing. Instead of making the viewer hungry or thirsty, they make you want to be your best self. It makes it seem like because you aren’t eating these products right now, you’re less of a person as a whole. They are promoting their brands as ones that care about boosting your confidence or personality. They don’t even have any information about the product in this ad. All it shows is Peter Dinklage eating out of the Doritos bag, or Morgan Freeman drinking out of the Mountain Dew bottle, and straight from there they go on and walk down breathing fire and ice, singing that they are the best. They did this to try and trick people into falling into the assumption that there’s nothing wrong healthwise with the product, and that there’s only positives by not mentioning the products features at all in the commercial. By eating these chips and drinks, you will automatically dominate anyone else who is eating any other kind of chip or drink, and who doesn’t want that? If you want to dominate, you eat Doritos and drink Mountain Dew.

This ad also absolutely targets men of middle class and up to be precise. By showing the giant mansion in the background, having fire and ice effects, and also having two male actors in the commercial, it has men wanting to literally live that same life that they are. This ad leaves men thinking that the way to go is consuming these products, because the feeling you get is amazing. Who doesn’t want to be the absolute best at everything? This ad is one that directly impacts men of the middle class who want something more. They are enforcing the norm that it’s okay to be cocky, and full of yourself if you’re the best, because who is going to stop you? Mountain Dew and Doritos stands with you, and they say it’s okay to be full of yourself, which is what everyone seems to secretly desire.

In conclusion, this ad might bring more people into purchasing Doritos and Mountain Dew because of the extreme way they portray how you feel when you consume that product. They made the two products a portal into reaching the desire of absolutely dominating in everything you do. The images of the two men breathing fire and ice, plus singing songs that say no one can stop them leaves men thinking that with consuming this product, they too will feel these feelings of absolute dominance, and all men want that feeling. They also sent a thought in the viewers minds that all of the other chip brands and drink brands simply cannot compete. With the consumption of these products, you are automatically better than anyone else consuming other brands, and who wants to eat other brands if you’re lesser of a person for doing so. Overall this ad leaves the viewer with the feeling that Doritos and Mountain Dew are products that give you the ability to be better than everyone else for eating, and that no one can stop you from being the best. This is a great commercial in just about every way.