How HootSuite Can Revolutionize the Way You Use Social Media

How do you use social media? Do you represent a business and curate content? Do you post on your personal accounts to build a name for yourself online? If you can answer yes to either of these, you might want to consider using HootSuite. At the most basic level, HootSuite is a social media management platform. HootSuite allows you to do everything from analyzing post effectiveness to scheduling posts months in advance.

You might be thinking, “The way I handle my accounts works just fine.” That might very well be true, but HootSuite could take your social media strategy to an even higher level. To better understand the benefit of HootSuite, we will first examine its feature-set, and then we will analyze its impact on strategy and customer engagement.

HootSuite has an advanced suite of tools, so for the sake of time and space, we will only be covering the most important ones for a new user. HootSuite’s features can be broken down into three categories: Research, Post Development, and Analysis. For research, HootSuite allows for advanced monitoring—this means that you can not only follow people and keep track of what they are saying, but you can also follow topics and tags. These posts can be refined even further, by using location-based (geo) searches. HootSuite’s free plan supports these advanced search features, and that makes the getting started process even easier.

These searches help you plan your campaigns, both long- and short-term. In the short term, you can track individual words and phrases, as well as influencers in your industry. This information allows you to plan responses to current hot topics and to guide the direction of discussions. In the long term, you can analyze industry trends, which will allow you to refine your posting and content creation strategies. This contrasts to the basic search features of most social media platforms, which require you to perform a search every time you want to check on the status of a keyword or phrase. HootSuite is always searching. This means that you can get practical data out of your search streams (streams are the windows that HootSuite stores and performs searches within). Instead of just a sneak-peak, you can get the whole picture.

HootSuite’s second feature area is focused on Post Development. Using the research data that you obtained with the Monitoring tools, you can plan out posts and curate content for your followers. HootSuite allows you to schedule posts on multiple platforms—this means that you don’t have to hit a button every time you want to post. HootSuite will automatically post your content on the days and times of your choosing. You can even schedule posts months in advance. This gives your brand a consistent feel and shows your followers that you are on top of things.

Of course, scheduling only is helpful when you have something to schedule. This is where HootSuite’s content creation system comes in. HootSuite allows for easy reposting (with attribution). If one of the accounts you follow shares something noteworthy, HootSuite will allow you to share it with your followers directly, even on platforms like Instagram (which doesn’t have a built-in repost option). HootSuite’s other tools allow you to pull in real-time content from RSS feeds and allow for easy sharing while browsing (if you see an article on Forbes, for example, the “Hootlet” browser extension will allow you to save the article to HootSuite’s content library).

The third area that HootSuite’s feature-set covers is that of Analysis. Once you have researched and scheduled your content, you can see how well your posts perform. HootSuite allows you to track account growth and post engagement. This information can be saved and shared with co-workers, which can help you to figure out what people like and what they ignore. In 2017, this is extremely useful information—over 81% of U.S. adults have social media profiles. This data can help you to cut through the noise.

HootSuite not only allows you to conduct important, location-specific market research, but it also helps you to plan your social media strategy going forward. All of HootSuite’s features interconnect. You use the research you obtain to help decide which content will resonate best, and you use analytics to help you understand what content is the most engaging. Then, the cycle continues. HootSuite’s basic plan is free, so if you are interested in advancing your social media strategy, it is worth a shot.