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Thank you for reading the article. I am not sure you completely understand all of the numbers. Undocumented immigrants pay over $12 billion a year in taxes (that is a conservative estimate). Even if we consider any tax credits (it appears you are talking about child tax credits), totaling at most $4.2 Billion (bear in mind that ITIN filers are not all unauthorized workers, a percentage is comprised of foreign workers with legal residence.), the large majority of the children that these credits are being filed for are themselves citizens (birthright citizenship ensures this). In addition, a large portion of these credits were never received, despite being filed, due to the statute of limitations. You say this practice is illegal, but Congress has not barred ITIN filers from applying for the child tax credit.

Hypothetically, let’s take the $4.2 billion dollar number, you claim that this offsets the paid taxes by undocumented immigrants. We know that they pay at least $12 billion in taxes, so it works out to be a net positive for Federal Revenue (the lowest that the tax credits could reduce this revenue down to would be to $7.8 billion). Thanks again for your reply.

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