The Trump Tax Plan Promises to Raise Your Salary by $4,000. Here’s Why It Won’t
John McDermott

“The Democrats are not seeking to rally popular opposition to a brazen tax giveaway to the super-rich. Rather, they are appealing to the Republicans to let them participate in the grubby legislative horse-trading.”

The Democratic Party, liberals, and even the label “progressive” are worse than useless.

Privatization of social security is no longer a non-starter as it was under Bush the Second’s first term. Now there is no “third rail” in U.S. national politics.

The Top 20% — the buffer for the 0.01% — are unconcerned with the imminent shredding of the social safety net to pre-Johnson (War on Poverty) levels. Moreover, they are happy to ride whatever bubble Wall Street and its militarist guarantors care to blow.’ll gladly forgo the increased standard deduction, which would be of substantial benefit to my wife and me.

I would gladly forgo the proposed increase in the standard deduction, which would substantially benefit my wife and me (not in the Top 20%).

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