What I Learned From Attending a Woman2Woman Webinar on Joy-Based Spending
Nicole Dieker

Aww, I actually like Dominos. Their regular pizza tastes like cardboard but their pan pizza is greasy heaven and it’s 50% off on Mondays here and that’s when I usually need to eat my stress. Plus, one medium pan pizza lasts me for a couple of days. I think I researched crazy founder in the past and they’ve distanced him from the company to the point where I could rationalize buying the pizza.

On a more serious note — basically no financial advice (other than ‘how can i get more money’) can help you if you’re destitute… It might be time to acknowledge that and move on. Which isn’t to say poor people can’t be happy — just that they’re not going to be able use ‘joyful spending’ to get there!

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