The One Secret To Buying A House When You’re Young
Megan Reynolds

Guessed it in one.

My parents didn’t help with my house when I was 30 (is that young?). (Actually, they did let me live with them after my apartment flooded 6 months before the new house was ready — that counts.)

But 10 years ago, real estate wasn’t as crazy as it is now. I lived on a shoestring budget for about 15 years to afford it (eg $130/mo on food and personal care) for about 10 years before and 5 years after. Frugality wouldn’t go that far now — the same house costs about $600k.

They gave my sister a sizable downpayment, though, and I’ve noticed that none of her friends know. She’s younger, so when I saved for something growing up, they’d buy her one too in an effort to be ‘fair’.

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