I’ve always been good at living with a budget and also really good with numbers (seriously, I…

I guess the problem is that not everyone has the resources to customize a system to suit their needs. Especially when they don’t know what their needs are!

I don’t struggle with budgeting, but I am also super picky about how my tracking systems work. And when I found ones that I could live with (remember Wesabe?), they’d change their interface or go out of business. I eventually had to cobble together my own thing, which I love but is not something that a regular user could maintain (I don’t add accounts often enough to have an UI, I’ll just set it up in the database tables manually — it mostly just automates transaction tracking and reports).

YNAB and Mint seem like the defacto one-size solutions that are available these days. I don’t think I know of anything else. It’s probably worth struggling through learning it for new budgetters — even if they don’t enjoy it, it might crystallize their requirements for when they try other solutions.

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