How Lady Libertarians Do Money
Brittany A Morrisey

I know there are different views on the libertarian movement but looking at the official platform…

The platform implies that people can be rational when it comes to profit and healthcare and can always make informed decisions. And when they screw up, people will calmly accept the consequences of their free actions on themselves and their children and not riot and murder me in my sleep.

That’s not a rational premise. That’s why I believe in safety nets that I don’t need (right now, anyway).


Competitive free markets and property rights stimulate the technological innovations and behavioral changes required to protect our environment and ecosystems. Private landowners and conservation groups have a vested interest in maintaining natural resources.

Education is best provided by the free market.

We favor a free-market health care system. We recognize the freedom of individuals to determine the level of health insurance they want (if any).

Retirement planning is the responsibility of the individual, not the government. Libertarians would phase out the current government-sponsored Social Security system and transition to a private voluntary system. The proper and most effective source of help for the poor is the voluntary efforts of private groups and individuals.