This Is Why We Do The Math
Nicole Dieker

It would be interesting to know how the earnings line up to the expectations. I mean, how many people actually expect to be able to generate significant income from Patreon, vs using it to supplement freelance/sales/commissions etc, or are just using it for their collection of fans.

I’d imagine that while everyone dreams of being an outlier, many are thrilled that people are willing to pay anything to acknowledge their creative endeavors. (And others of us just wish we could create something worth acknowledging, haha!)

As long as they’re not trying to run some Primerica-like scheme where they’re misleading people about how much they’re likely to earn or trying to pyramid up the commissions, I’m good with it. I remember attending a Primerica sales pitch with a friend and came away pretty horrified, because the numbers were deliberately presented in a way as to foster an unrealistic sense of what people could earn. Do the math, indeed!