Did Food Enrichment Cause The Obesity Epidemic?

France does not fortify its flour, while the US significantly increased fortification of iron, an oxidant, to all refined carbohydrates after WWII.

Only three developed nations enrich flour, pasta, grits or rice with iron: the USA, Canada and Britain. Fortification is done almost exclusively by developing and third-world countries. Some European countries, like Denmark and Sweden, have even banned fortification.

1994 was the first year obesity data was available for all 50 states. States that mandated enrichment were more likely to become obese.
Mineral Interactions: The FDA didn’t take mineral interactions into consideration. In this graphic, arrows aimed at each other denote mineral synergy. Arrows aimed away from each other denote mutual mineral interference or antagonism.

The easiest way to emulate all successful diets is to simply avoid eating fortified foods and favor whole foods. Demand organic flours and whole grain flours, which are not fortified in the US.



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