Think Time

As I sit here with nothing but my thoughts, I realize that there will always be two different approaches to college life. I am currently in my dorm room comparing my approach to college life with that of my roommates. I feel like I always need to leave with enough time to be at least 10 minutes early to class while my roommate leaves with barely enough time to make it. I always have my book bag ready with the books I’ll need the night before so it just needs me to pick it up and put it on my back for tomorrows first class while my roommate will leave for class forgetting books. I’m not saying that my roommate isn’t trying, I just feel really high strung and nervous which encourages me to make sure I have everything need and tidy and ready for the next class or task at hand. Some people take things a little bit more serious than others and it amazes me just how different two people can be while still living in the same living space.

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