The Biggest Stress of My Life

Some people stress over little things such as small assignments and tiny due dates. Some people stress over life issues and moral problems. Me, well I am currently stressing out over school. School has somehow, forced its way into my life and has become the biggest stressor I have ever faced. I have found myself constantly worrying about due dates and assignments every single day of the week. It has even gotten to the point of feeling like I need to be doing something school related all day, every day no matter what the situation or occasion.

Throughout my life I have stressed about all the normal things such as who likes who and if I will be able to hangout with my friends after school. Those stresses that I had then are absolute no match to the stress that I have now. This year, my freshman year of college, has by far been the most stressful year of my life. The pressure that I put on myself to do well and to persevere through all the challenges that school throws at me has started to form into stress that constantly gnaws away at me day in and day out. I can’t remember the last time that I was able to unwind; when I say unwind, I mean being able to lay back with nothing on your mind, no responsibilities at that moment in time, no things that need to be done. But I have come to realize something.

This stress, these feelings of pressure and never ending madness is now my life and it will continue to be my life for the next four years. Some people are able to shut off their worry about assignments on the weekends or during the holiday breaks but not me. I sit at home and constantly worry about all the assignments I will have due when I return to school in addition to the pressure that I put on myself to do good and to not let my parents down. Stress has been a motivator to me as well as something that has rendered my mind useless from time to time due to overload. It is good at times but bad for the most part but I will have to learn to control this stress that is induced by school in order to make the most of the five years that I will be away at school.

Those years of being able to run around the play ground without a care in the world or a responsibility to be uphold are long gone. I am now bombarded by stress from every direction you could possibly imagine due to school but that stress is self induced and I will eventually be able to control it and use it for my own good. But until then I will continue to demolish my school work with my positive stress.

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