What I Learned at Tikkie

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In the time I worked at Tikkie as a product designer I really enjoyed learning what it takes to build a great product and what it takes besides than designing and building it.

Tikkie, a dutch payment request app, was going through an interesting transition while I was there. Seeing the enormous potential of the app, Tikkie was ready to take the next step. It basically was a small startup going towards scale-up. (while all living within the ABN-AMRO).

While i was working at Tikkie I was part of the business team. We we’re going to bring the amazing experience that Tikkie offered users to bussinesses as wel. …

Learn quickly by doing informed user testing

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Design sprints is a great way to very quickly find out if you can find a solution for a problem that needs solving. And when you think you’ve found a possible solution, you need to make sure it’s the right one. Is this really solving said problem? Will people actually use it? To find out if you’ve actually found something that will work, you need to know what to look for when showing it to your users.

Being part of a design sprint means putting your idea’s out there for other people to see. And as a creative person you don’t want to hear your ideas suck. …

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At Schiphol we implemented design sprint in order to tackle bigger problems or ideas. We have done so increasingly with significant succes.

One of the first design sprints we did was trying to figure out how we can implement a CRM strategy for an airport in this modern age. Back in the day CRM meant trying to trick people into leaving their e-mail address in a form and tick a box that said you want spam in your inbox.

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I’ve had the good fortune of working in advertising for a while. In my time working as an Art Director with the talented and overal awesome people of Pool Worldwide I learned quite a bit. And although it’s a world I have a bit of a love/hate thing with, it is a really great environment to learn and evolve yourself.

Because the industry demands creativity in a very rapid pace, while working in a very competitive market you really need to push yourself. Always looking for that idea that makes everyone go ‘why didn’t I think of that’.

The reason you didn’t come up with that great idea, is bcause you didn’t think hard (and long) enough. Coming up with ideas is hard, really hard. It takes times and effort, you need to look at the subject from each point of view you can think of. And it get’s frustrating because you know there a couple of angles you’re not thinking of. So think about where is it gonna be seen? Can we do something there? Who will see it? What do they like? How can we tap into that with this brand or product? Is there an event coming up? Is there something going on on the interwebs that we can use creatively? O yeah, and has someody else done it? …

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I’ve been working on and off on project for clients for quite sometime now. In my short time as an independant Art Director I’ve seen a lot of agencies from the inside. And I’ve realised we agency folk are at a strange place in the hole of the spectrum. Especially when it comes to designing online things. We’re there for the users of our clients, but it’s the clients that pay us.

This all changes when you’re at a startup, you’re right up there with the people who dreamed up this product in the first place. Which is awesome! …

Products should sell themselves

For those of us working in online advertising & marketing it is becoming more obvious what were seeing is a mayor shiftin the way new products are being conceived and introduced.

Brands like Booking.com and Simple bank are showing us how the new world is shaping up. They don’t need the traditional approach to introduce themselves, no tv ads with an amazing story, no big display ads with smiling faces. But they do have a story to tell, their story is their brand. This story is so obvious that they don’t need media to tell it, their customers will.

The way I heard about Airbnb was through friends, Spotify was all over the place even so that other brands (like telecomproviders) started to advertise for them. …


Ronald Vermeijs

Freelance digital Art-Director | www.ronaldvermeijs.nl

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