There’s more to life than being a fucking entrepreneur.
J. Westenberg 🌈

Congratulations on a partial recovery. And I mean that. However, I’m afraid that hasn’t made you some kind of sage. Anyone who can write “a job you fucking love” without irony still has some of the disease. Certainly most of those factory workers don’t “fucking love” their jobs, though I’m sure many of them choose to do their best because it’s easier than goofing off. Even for people who are nominally doing something they like, corporate culture, certain bosses and dominance hierarchies often make it less than fun. I know, if it wasn’t for the money, I’d rather dig ditches* for a boss who respects his workers than design stuff for a corporate yes man, let alone the sociopaths that occasionally end up in these positions. Of course, we admit no such thing while at work. And, once in a while, we get the boss that respects us.

I don’t mean this to be especially hostile, since you’ve at least learned one important thing. But it could be expressed with a bit more humility**.

*If physically capable, which is unclear after so many years sitting in front of a screen.

**I concede the possibility that what I’ve written above is arrogant in its own way. If that’s so, I apologize, at least a little. I know I still have a few problems with judgement and diplomacy!