The Worst Wedding Photo Ever Taken
Sonia Mansfield

It’s not so bad, maybe not bad at all. If you wanted a picture that looked like the one that was in the frame when you bought it, why not just use that one? (My brother, his wife, and his kids DO look like one of those photos. It’s really annoying. )

What I see is people who at least look like they’re having a bit of fun. The bride, of course, can do no wrong, and your stance is very much like hers seen from a different angle, including the hook hand. I might suggest that you stop making your sister crush a virtual cat and use Photoshop that’s a bit more subtle. If you have a few relatives who might be a little uptight, they might enjoy the photo more if you did so.

Maybe I look at this differently because we are not circus people and don’t expect much from weddings large enough for professional photographers. My wife and I snuck off to city hall for ours. We were very pleased with our wedding photos, but you wouldn’t find pictures like them sold in frames except maybe at a 50 cent store. A dollar store would be too posh. Perhaps, for the price of the photographer, you could have all pitched in and rented an elephant.

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