thats the lamest anti-milo comment i ever heard.
iulia vladareanu

Let’s see:

  • global warming* (threatening people, degrading the natural world and our economy, contributing to the start of wars, etc.)
  • irresponsible military action, by whoever you don’t like
  • the continuing ability of the human race to extinguish itself with nuclear conflicts
  • massive sexism and racism that continues, if slightly more subtly or with somewhat less violence in MOST cases
  • a concerted and long term attempt to turn the US into a theocracy (and who’s to say YOUR religious flavor will be the one selected?)
  • Lawless, pseudo-theocrats who kill thousands overseas and dozens here. At least abroad, but those are people too. Even the refugees are people.
  • the proliferation of multiple antibiotic resistant baceria. The could eventually lead to an actual plauge!

And you pick Marxist “feminazis” as the big threat? I haven’t even heard anyone speak Andrea Dworkin’s name in many years, though I think even she doesn’t deserve the title. I suggest you re-evaluate your fears.

I think you need to show, specifically, where Ms. Penny is some kind of Nazi. Remember, Nazis invaded many countries, killing millions. They also killed Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, and anyone whose ethnicity they didn’t like, by the millions. And they suppressed speech. Remember that free (or at least relatively free) speech is Ms. Penny’s bread and butter. I don’t see anything like that here. You’re watering down a word which may eventually mean so little that people won’t really understand just how bad the real Nazis were.

Plus I’ve known some ex-Marxists who were very nice people. I’d be very surprised if they weren’t nice people when they were Marxists, if in some ways misguided. But who isn’t? (Marxism is not the same as Stalinism. Some of my college roomates and I used to have a portrait of Uncle Joe that we stepped on every time we entered our room. ) I could go on, but I’m tired already.

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*ok, I get that some people don’t believe in it. Any number of people deciding not to believe in it have no bearing on whether it’s real or not.