I’m Interested In You. That Doesn’t Mean I’m Trying To Have Sex With You.
Megan Bruneau, M.A. RCC

Ms. Bruneau,

I think your article, or something similar in verbal form, should be part of the birds and the bees talk, and repeated at intervals. I don’t know from whom, since it’s tempting to think that ones parents are full of baloney because they’re wrong about a few things.

There is a distinct lack, IMHO, of discussion and even training about sexual feelings, aggressiveness and intimidation, relationships, etc. Or at least there was when I was younger and clueless. It would have helped me a lot. Teaching that loneliness and arousal aren’t synonums might be a good lesson.

There were remarks here, intended to be humorous, which might have been a mistake. So I edited them out. However, they ended with the following: I think a lot of guys are scared by the feelings they have and blame it on the women they have those feelings about.

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