You’re Meant To Do Whatever You Want To Do
Rahul Abhishek

While motivation is certainly helpful, there is also talent. There are things I’d really like to do that I just don’t have the talent for. For instance, many years ago I was attracted to drumming. And I practiced for a few months. But I recognized that the more I practiced, the worse I got. There are other interests I have that I AM good at. And I can make a decent living with one of them.

The other part that few are mentioning is what effect one’s work has on other people. If I was willing to work on weapons, I’d have more job opportunities. But in a somewhat misguided culture and perverted economy, it’s hard to find something I’m sure helps others more than it hurts. Unfortunately, if we want to participate in this economy, most of us have to choose between different levels of complicity if we want to get paid. This is something I don’t hear much about when people discuss careers.