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We never think of loyalty when we use an web commerce site. in fact, we do not bother at all as our mind is only set onto certain goals such as buying that pair of shoe, ticket concert, renting a car or buy for the next seasons t-shirt.

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A women buying online:

A study in Harvard Business Review shows that online-customers exhibit a clear proclivity towards loyalty and by implementing proper technology & structured customer experience can increase that inherent loyalty. (Reichheld, F., and Schefter, P., 2000).

Design is a monumental factor that keeps customer loyalty, trust and satisfaction, it should give the user a sense of control, an ease of use and security to promote loyalty on the product through visual context. This research aids us to look at some determinants that might help us on developing an interface that not only attracts new customer but can also encourage customer retention.

Aesthetics in design is the visual attractiveness of the product — Studies have proven that creating good aesthetics in a product leads to better usability and user experience. The user may drawn to a more aesthetically designed website as they form emotional connection. Colours, Typography and content are some vital elements that promotes trust.

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Both are car leasing company — LingsCars and Go Rentals

Complexity and likeability. “visually complex” websites are consistently rated as less beautiful than their simpler counterparts. Users can have uncertainty avoidance towards them. People are affected on how easy or difficult it is to think about something in order to complete a task and these pattern correlates to our cognitive fluency, users prefer the easier to think about than the difficult to think about. Therefore, we need to examine the complexity of our interaction, as users feel a sense of ease, they will get back and use the application again resulting to customer retention.

These determinants are just few factors if we really wanted to submerge in the topic. Ultimately, loyalty does not only won by technology, it comprises of overall customer experience throughout the whole brand and organisation. Good design practice can contribute at this factor like narrowing unnecessary steps on the user interaction and making the user in control of the product.


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