We never think of loyalty when we use an web commerce site. in fact, we do not bother at all as our mind is only set onto certain goals such as buying that pair of shoe, ticket concert, renting a car or buy for the next seasons t-shirt.

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A women buying online: https://www.pexels.com/@olly

A study in Harvard Business Review shows that online-customers exhibit a clear proclivity towards loyalty and by implementing proper technology & structured customer experience can increase that inherent loyalty. (Reichheld, F., and Schefter, P., 2000).

Design is a monumental factor that keeps customer loyalty, trust and satisfaction, it should give the user…

Adopting user-centred methodology in visual design and other fields can help attain better results in reaching a target audience. According to Bennett (2016), Designers fall short in delivering the purpose of their artefacts when they generally depend on their own intuition. On the other hand, when combined with user-centred methods alike in their design practice aids the Designer to discover a better way of reaching the viewers.

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Depending on personal insight keeps a design subjective and may cause isolation from the intended audience but if research methods in design were associated, it provides a better way of understanding the users…


Digital Visual Designer at Vodafone New Zealand • Co-founder/Design Lead at weroar.co.nz

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