There are never-ending problems with Crypto Exchanges. The latest bombshell is that Liqui Exchange has been hacked. I am excited about the new Exchange WCX. Its has features — tiny fees, no ID checks, incentives for market makers — that will make it the leading exchange. The exchange will issue its own $WCX tokens which will pay an annual dividend that is based on the exchange’s revenues. Forever.
90,000 + people have now claimed the free $WCX airdrop. You can get free $WCX tokens by joining the WCX exchange using my referral link. 
Once you have registered with WCX, you can earn more free $WCX by:

- Referring people to using your own unique link (find it on the site after you sign up)
- Following WCX on Twitter 
- Voting on which assets you’d like to trade on WCX

So start sign up and grab your free tokens... 
Thank you

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