So in the previous article, I mentioned about the financial freedom aspect of the #roadtoretirement . I would like to stress that it is one of the aspects but not the only aspect.

For me, the key aspects are finance, health, continuous learning and life (a.k.a. what makes you happy). Health is something that is going to be a critical factor to take seriously as there is no point in being financially free and retire with health issues that blocks you from enjoying the new found freedom.

Let’s talk about health. Regardless of which age you are, it’s never too late to start thinking about your mortality. Of course I’m saying this to myself. I’m fairly ok in terms of not smoking or drinking and having a moderate amount of control of the food that I eat. I also do my best to at least spend an hour in the morning doing lightweight exercise like alternating between walking and jogging. The hardest part in all of this is keeping it consistent. I have gone thru various cycles of almost reaching my ideal weight and getting a relapse as things go hectic and be back to square one. Writing this down hopefully seeps into my sub-conscious and be the tipping point to make the habit. I’m down to 72kg from 75kg in Dec 2019. Slowly but surely is the strategy. And oh, don’t underestimate the power of recording the progress somewhere. …

There are some mysteries in life that for some reason never really makes sense until you get older. Or probably the average doofus like me is really just a late bloomer. I’m taking about the ability to realise and think that yeah, at some point you do have to retire.

When. you are young and you feel like you can live for an eternity and had that innate desire to enjoy life, it’s hard to ponder and have some deep philosophical epiphany that you can actually do both: enjoy life and have the ability to retire early. By retire, I mean not that you end up being a bum (your certainly can), but rather be financially free to pursue your hearts desire. …

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I’m a doofus on both cycling and life, so take that into consideration.

• This morning I watched in awe a bunch of folks sprint their heart out at the beginning of the Coastal Adventure Corridor, I was watching and maintaining my cadence and speed, and half-way in the route I had overtaken the weary folks I had seen earlier.

• Slow and steady as they say, turtle and the hare.

• Never underestimate maintaining the momentum for long term goals.

• I normally would take the bike route over Cycling on the street. Yep, it doesn’t make me look cool, but the high risk of visiting the ER doesn’t appeal to me either. …

Test, 1, 2, tres…



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