There are some mysteries in life that for some reason never really makes sense until you get older. Or probably the average doofus like me is really just a late bloomer. I’m taking about the ability to realise and think that yeah, at some point you do have to retire.

When. you are young and you feel like you can live for an eternity and had that innate desire to enjoy life, it’s hard to ponder and have some deep philosophical epiphany that you can actually do both: enjoy life and have the ability to retire early. By retire, I mean not that you end up being a bum (your certainly can), but rather be financially free to pursue your hearts desire. Retirement here is not an age, but really some realistic numbers on a target lifestyle that is free from the dependency of the monthly payroll.

And to be clear, I’m not saying this would mean quitting your job. You can have a job that you truly like but where money becomes immaterial. Your focus is targetted in achieving a goal besides money. Or pursue other lifelong interest like full time hobbies or start a business or volunteer for a cause.

Enough of that, the purpose of writing this is to document the journey. I’m in my early 40’s, kids going to college and didn’t make those sensible financial choices when I started working. I won’t make assumptions on what other people should do or the circumstances that led them to where they are. However, I would like to blog the journey at this point and see where it gets me in the next 5–10 years. Hopefully some will find it useful. By no means this guarantees I will be successful.

Till the next article!

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Mobile Indie! The road to retirement. Views expressed here entirely my own.

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