Labor and Delivery Nurse Job Description Resume

What Do Labor and Delivery Nurses Do?

Labor and delivery nurses have the job of caring for women and their infants during labor and childbirth. Their responsibilities include assisting, supporting and educating women during the four stages of delivery. Some of the specific duties of labor and delivery nurses include providing support for the mother during labor, monitoring the fetal heart rate and the mother’s vital signs and measuring the strength and timing of contractions. They also administer medications, perform diagnostic tests and assist with inducing labor. When labor begins they coach the mother during delivery and assist with various procedures including Cesarean sections.

Following delivery Labor and delivery nurses monitor and perform tests on newborns and provide education and support to mothers and families after delivery.

Writing a Labor and Delivery Nurse Resume

A labor and delivery nurse resume is about one page in length in most cases. The resume is broken into a number of sections that contain information about your skills, training and experience. The first section is a Summary of Qualifications which provides a brief overview of your qualifications. This section is often written to target the position you are applying for. The second section is Licenses and Certifications where you show you have the credentials to legally practice. The Employment section follows and provides details about your related work experience. The final section is where you will show what schools you have attended and the degrees that you have earned. There are optional sections you might choose to add but usually employers prefer concise resumes that get to the point. The purpose of the resume isn’t to convince employers to hire you. As is only intended to convince employers to interview you for the position you are applying for. It is only necessary to include enough information to catch the attention of potential employers and create enough interest in your skills that they will want to grant you that interview.

Write a Labor and Delivery Nurse Job Description Resume That Targets Specific Positions

It has become quite common for resumes to be written in a way so that they target specific jobs and positions. When targeting specific jobs each of the applications you submit will require writing a separate resume. Developing a resume for each job applied for may require extra time but is usually far more effective than submitting identical resumes with dozens of applications. A one page resume cannot possibly contain all the qualifications that professional nurses have acquired. The information included in a labor and delivery nurse resume targeting a position will all be relevant to that specific application.

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