Top Tricks for New Graduate Nursing Resume

Basics of the New Graduate Nursing Resume

The new graduate nurse resume is a relatively brief document around one page in length. However despite its small size it performs a very important task. This is the document that is going to get you your very first position as a registered nurse. The grad nurse resume will have four sections that although not mandatory are pretty much essential. They are the summary, licenses and certifications, education and clinical rotations. These four sections as well as your name and contact information are all the information that your new nursing resume must have but probably not all it needs to be effective.

Optional Sections to Increase Your New Nursing Resume Effectiveness

Including only the bare minimum probably won’t grab employers’ attention or have them inviting you to interview. There are additional sections you may add that are optional and which might make your resume more effective. Optional sections are work history, affiliations, volunteer activities, honors and awards, skills summary and languages. Only include an optional section if you have something to put in it. These sections may contain information that isn’t directly related to nursing but can still be considered relevant because they display characteristics that employers value such as reliability, compassion and initiative.

Tricks for Writing New Nurse Graduate Resume

The purpose of the resume is to get employers attention, generate interest in you and your qualifications and hopefully land an interview. Here are a few tricks you can use to improve the resumes odds of achieving your purpose:

  • Keep your resume at the appropriate length. The size of your resume should be determined by your experience. A new nursing grad will have a resume of only one page. A nurse with 10 years or more of experience may have to add a second page
  • Add an expertise section to your resume. A bulleted list of your proficiency areas provides hiring managers with an overview of your capabilities. Your key skills could be a nursing specialty area like pediatrics or specific skills like medication administration or case management.
  • Write a professional profile instead of an objective statement. Employers now prefer a professional profile since it relates the value you’ll bring to the institution. It also offers you an excellent platform to summarize your experience and any specialty areas
  • Match your resume to the job description. Focus on accomplishments in your resume that are relevant to the specific position you’re looking at. Reorganize your information so the most relevant things appear at the top. Employers and recruiters will see them first and in all likelihood will be what they remember
  • Proofread your resume many times and eliminate any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and typos. An otherwise good resume can be ruined by a few careless mistakes.

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