Sharing Economy is a Socializing Platform

Peter Hesseldahl made a great post on the Sharing Economy or the We Economy as he puts it. It was an entirely new approach for me to think of the Sharing Economy as a socializing platform.

I always thought that the Sharing/We Economy is about getting max productivity out of resources at any time .. more like a 100% efficiency engine if you may.

But the fact that people’s interaction can be taken a step further and lead them to fulfilling other aspects of their lives is so liberating to even think of.

I use Uber very frequently while traveling for business and in-spite of my wife saying otherwise, I always like to talk to the drivers.

I see talking to the driver as a way of making the journey pleasant for both of us. After all, it is one chance for me to get to know another person/business man and who knows what comes up. In fact, thinking about it, I did stumble upon an ace sales man in one of these Uber trips. It all started with me telling him about what I do for making a living and then he shared a brief about his earlier avatars. It was one of the most illuminating discussions of my life and how I wish I could hire that person right then and there!