Startup — Creating a new Product

When I was 25 or so, I was lucky enough to get a chance to build a product from scratch. It was supposed to be a loss leader.

Me and my team spent countless hours, working day and night to make it and finally did get it to market …. on time!

Was that the best way of working? Certainly Not !

There was no thrill of releasing the product. It was more of a relief.

The feeling of a job well done.

But what happened next were months of no-idea-what-to-do-ness. Extreme fatigue bordering on disgust. It was as if there was nothing left in the tank to give anymore.

The initial thrill of creating something from start and taking to market in a limited time period, had weaned off. Now, all that is left is, emasculated-thoughts and perhaps, even more emasculated-beings.

Startups, I hear, expect and demand and also sadly praise this approach. It is a badge of pride. I too had worn it with pride and arrogance.

But there are better ways to address these. A better planned approach. That way, folks will not get burnt out and will still have a lot more left in the tank post the release. Post release is when they are most needed too as customer-queries, breakages, fixes et al have to be done.

It is not a trade off. It is about looking for the long haul.

Making products are not quick relationships. They are long-term commitments.