Chain Plus Conference- Korea- 2019


Asia’s Biggest Blockchain Week Events, 2nd Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week(Two days Summit & One Week Business Tour ). The two days’ summit named Chain Plus+ will be held on Jan. 23rd-24th 2019 in South Korea, which held by Chainers and Korea giant media group MTN.

Supported by The Blockchainer, BlockchainI, JLAB, JRR Crypto, TimeStamp Capital,ONT Eco,Consensus Investment, Blockchain Investment.


Chainers Inc,№1 Blockchain industry-focused business development & advisory service company in South Korea. It is set up as a JV company between Vision Creator (South Korea based Cross-border M&A advisory, Venture capital investment firm ) and The Blockchainer (NO.1 service provider in blockchain industry in China)

Korea MTN Group(Money Today Network Inc.) founded in May 2001, owns an authentic economy cable channel “Money Today”, mainly targets in finance, stock market, market analysis, real estate and other news related to the financial area. It is one of the most trusted financial media in Korea and is recognized as a pioneer media in Korean.

Event Highlights:

  1. South Korea is the most active Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies markets in Asia with five million digital currency retail investors.
  2. Great support from Korean Blockchain Associations and Developer Communities with more than 100 Developers
  3. Meeting Luxurious 50+ Token Fund & Venture capitals, 120+project teams mainly from South Korea, China, South East Asia, Europe, USA at variety after-parties and conferences during the whole week (Block Water, BCI, BlockchainI, Nexusone, Consensus investment and tec.)
  4. South Korean TOP 10 influential Youtubers, TOP 30 Naver Blog influencers, Economy TV Channel and Top Blockchain Industry Media providing high exposure rate and many promotion chances
  5. Great support from Top South Korea Finance Groups, Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges( Upbit, Gopax, Coinplug, Houbi )
  6. Well-Organized Business Tour will lead you to enter South Korean quality projects, tech-companies, crypto funds and exchanges offices and build strong connections with them.
  7. 2300+ Attendees, 60+ exhibitors, 75+Speakers from 15+ Countries.