INTERCORP HOLDINGS and A Japanese Giant to Invest in Romania’s Healthcare and Tourism Industries

Romania Business

The development of the cancer treatment clinic in Ploiești is intended to become one of the most modern and high-performance medical centers in Romania and Eastern Europe.

The private investment is expected to reach around 30 million Euros. This will cover the costs of purchasing the land, construction and furnishing expenses, equipment and technology costs as well as the personnel’s training.

The development is expected to commence at the beginning of November 2018. The first steps have already been taken. The construction works for the clinic are expected to finalize within 2 years and it will be developed on a 5,000 sqm privately owned plot of land. The clinic will have a total built area of 9,000 sqm and will include the most modern technologies and specific equipment for specialized research and therapies, brought from Japan.

The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (ROCCIJA), headquartered in Tokyo, plays a significant role in the achievement of this project, through its representatives — His Excellency Dr. Fumiya Sakow — Honorary Ambassador of the American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations with Japan, ADMIR, which is an international humanitarian intergovernmental organization based in the USA, whose honorary president is the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, as well as the Vice-President of the ROCCIJA — Mr. Ștefan Cristian Stan — co-founder and investor of the project through the company he owns, Intercorp Holdings.

Invited in Japan in November 2017, during the visit of the President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump, Mr. Ștefan — Cristian Stan attended business meetings as well as the official dinner held by the Chairman of APA Group, Mr. Toshio Motoya, owner of the largest hotel chain in Japan, a vigorous supporter of the Liberal Democratic Party and of the Japanese Prime-Minister Shinzo Abe. The result of the undertaken diligences will be shown through the investments in the tourism industry, represented by the development of a hotel complex destined for medical tourism, closely connected to the development of the cancer treatment medical center.

According to the representatives of the County Council of Prahova, this type of private investment “will change the standards on the medical field not only in the Municipality of Ploiesti but also in Romania as well as in Eastern Europe. It will create new jobs, it will have a beneficial impact on the medical tourism around Prahova, and, last but not least, it will become a source of income for the local budget.”

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