The Tyranny of the Ism

Almost everyone has at least one or two.

Ism: A nice little (or big) group of humans gathered under an umbrella of shared dogma. Across the political spectrum, the majority of us literate and internetted individuals gladly sort ourselves into various kinds of Isms.

This, because we tell ourselves that we need to know things, and more importantly, we need to know where we stand with respect to the important things in life like [Is There a God], [Parent or Not], [Modi/Hilary or Not], [Why This Life]. We tell ourselves that Taking a Stand is important, and we search far and wide for umbrellas of words that will shelter us from the harsh, withering rays of Having No Fucking Idea.

Once an Ism is found, the balm to soothe the itch of Unknowing applied, a sureness grows. On the internets, a circle of kindred strangers takes shape. In the distance, the Titans of the Ism type out their wisdom and the cheers rise. Perhaps we can have more than one Ism? They rarely stand alone, everyone needs allies.

There is direction. There is a future state of being that the Ism sees, and if only everyone would see it too, there wouldn’t be any problems. That direction happens to be towards something, but it also points away from other things. The Ism does not accept that, because it is the best Ism. Also, the Ism does not like nuance. Nuance is a lazy word for losers that lack the purity of purpose of a Titan.

Sometimes the Ism does some…not very nice things, but then omelettes are quite nice, really. Can’t save everyone. Not enough place on the boat, and the best do need to survive. The Ism can’t be nice to everyone, especially Bad Isms.

And if that Ism turns out not to be the best Ism, well, there are many to choose from! Isn’t that nice?

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