Don’t constrain yourself by your academic education
Diogo Ferreira

Great post Diogo. It really resonated with me.

I studied mechanical engineering, not because I always wanted to be a mechanical engineer but because I liked the area. When the time came for me to decide on a professional career, I had a big resistance against the traditional route.

It took me quite a lot of sleepless nights and self reflection to realize why. Basically my inclinations and passions were clashing against society’s expectations of an engineer student outcome. It wasn’t easy to come to this conclusion. As you mentioned in your post, school formats you into a box and it doesn’t consider your individuality.

It is up to us to make that distinction. We must, otherwise we might wake up on day and realize that we are living someone else’s path.

Obrigado for the post Diogo. It got me into that special place.