Travel tips for Kerala visitors

Kerala is one of the favourite travel destinations of both foreign and Indian travellers. And there are many reasons for the same.

The pleasant climate, greenery, backwaters, beaches, historical and cultural importance are some of them. Here are few tips offered by Floohoo travel services that might help first time travellers to Kerala — the God’s own country.

· The ideal time to visit Kerala — If you are an ardent traveller, you may visit Kerala at any time of your choice. The matter of concern is the rainy season period. The monsoon season in Kerala is marked by the arrival of south west monsoon in the month of June and it continues till the end of August. The months of June, July and August receive considerable amount of rainfall and therefore it is advisable to avoid travelling during these months. The best time to visit Kerala starts from the mid September to the month of April. Foreign travellers usually come in large groups in December.

· Drink plenty of water — Kerala experiences hot, humid climate during the summers ie in the month of April and May. Constant sweating can result in loss of body fluids. Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.

· Ayurveda seekers — If your purpose of the visit is to receive an Ayurvedic treatment or massage, the most ideal time is the monsoon season, ie the month of June and July.

· Temple visits — Most of the temples in Kerala have strict rules and regulations on matters regarding dress code, entry permission norms etc. Follow the rules accordingly and these rules differ from one temple to another.

· Carry your debit card — You don’t need to carry money all the time because ATMs are available almost everywhere in cities and towns of Kerala. You may experience a scarcity of ATMs in villages and secluded areas and that’s obvious.

· Liquor ban — Recently Kerala government has reconsidered the alcohol ban. 3 star hotels have been given permission to sell alcohol by the new LDF led government. Currently the minimum drinking age has been revised to 23. You may also have liquor from the outlets of Kerala Beverages Corporation.

Enjoy your time in Kerala to the fullest and for travel bookings and consultation, visit the official website of Floohoo Travel services.