Redding, CA


I spent a night and day with my uncle Dodi and aunt Mickey at their property in rural Redding, CA. Redding is a small town in Northern California about two hours from the Oregon border.

A part of my uncle’s property

I hadn’t seen my aunt or uncle in a number of years, so it was very good to see them both. While in Redding, they took me to a place called Burney Falls. Apparently their claim to fame is that they were featured in the 1988 film Willow. Well, half the falls were anyway. The other half was digitally removed. Ahh, the power of Hollywood.


We spent a few hours there hiking around and exploring the surrounding area. We even made friends with the local wildlife.

He just came right up to us

After our hike to the falls, we went back to their property and I prepared for my next leg of my journey. But not without first saying goodbye to my uncle’s two wolf-dog hybrids.

They really didn’t get along with Shadow

After one last runaround for Shadow, it was time to go.

Shadow had his own private dog run

Next stop, Oregon!

Me, my uncle Dodi, and my aunt Mickey