The San Francisco Bay Area


After finally making my way out of The Entertainment Capital of the World, I headed northwest towards the San Francisco Bay Area.

This was the first time I had driven the RV both on a major Interstate highway and any substantial distance. There was definitely an adjustment period on my part getting used to handling such a significantly larger vehicle, but it didn’t take too long. For the most part, it felt like driving the cargo van from work when it was carrying a full load of boxes.

My first stop was to a town south of San Jose, called Morgan Hill. Being that this was my first RV Park stop, and never having been to one before in my life, I really had no idea what to expect. When making the reservation, I had thought that I heard that I needed to be at the park before they closed, otherwise I would be locked out of the park. Needless to say, that made the ride from Vegas to the Bay Area a bit of a stressful one, but I made it late at night and there was a space waiting for me.

My small RV amongst all the giants

I spent my first night in the area meeting a friend’s girlfriend and her friends at a local bar in San Jose. It was set in an industrial area that made me question whether I was going to a bar or to a warehouse.

The real interesting part of the night was the Uber rides to and from the bar. Since it was about a 45 minute ride, it gave me plenty of time to talk politics. The driver to the bar was a fervent Trump supporter named Jan. Jan is a 58 year old white guy with three adult children who has never voted before this election. He had the view that the media is pure propaganda that is not to be trusted and felt that we need a President who can bring change and lead “with his heart”. At the very least, it had to NOT be Hillary, as she was “a crook who couldn’t be trusted” He expressed fear on multiple levels; fear of the unknown and fear of the potential violent threats facing our world. While all of his points were very valid and understandable, I couldn’t help but wonder where this fear came from. Was this a product of the media that he himself purports to be false? Was this a result of the specific experiences in his life that led him to this way of thinking? Unfortunately I’ll never know, as the ride came to an end before we could really dig deeper into those issues.

My ride back was with a late 20’s hispanic guy named Anthony, who was from the Los Angeles area. He was a Bernie supporter, who becamed very disillusioned with the DNC after the Democratic Primary race. However, even though his candidate lost the primary, he was still backing Hillary, not because he believed her policies or thought she would be the best candidate for the job, but because she WASN’T Trump. It seems that my two drivers for the night were voting not for their candidate, but against the other candidate.

After a night in San Jose, the next stops were to visit some friends. First I spent lunch with a friend in Sunnyvale, and then spent the night in Concord visiting an old high school friend named Bryan that I hadn’t seen since graduation. That was great to catch up with old friends.

Bryan is quite the stone sculptor

That evening we went to a spot called Grizzly Peak to get a great view of Berkeley, Oakland, and (in the distance) San Francisco.

The view from Grizzly Peak

In the morning, it was off to the next destination, my Uncle’s property in Redding, CA.

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