The Case Against Movement

In the consistent quest to find more ways of moving I have found more ways society and civilization has invented against movement.

For example:

I was entering a coffee shop and a guy ran to open the door for me.

Then he moved my chair so I could minimally move my bum to dump them into it.

After that when I stood up to approach the counter to order,the guy sprinted towards my table to take the order so I couldn't enjoy the discomfort of standing up.

Then the usual stuff..He collected payments on the table,served the coffee then and there etc.

Now you can think I have obsession against society And what is wrong if a place showing courtesy and respect towards it's clients?

Nothing is wrong bit I find these hidden strategies pathetic for human kind.

First we were bombarded with processes food,then shift work to screw our sleep and now every possible invention to stop natural human movement.

And then they invented gyms to move your body in a certain way,not the way we intended to move.

**In short we are not evolving as a race but dissolving as a dead mass without dying.