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We all know that change is inevitable.

We’ve been warned about it a million times, in cliches, fables, stories about someone moving our cheese…

But that doesn’t always mean we’re ready to face those changes.

So let’s talk about how we can get better about expecting change, adapting to change, and ultimately making peace with change — all through the idea of marking our thresholds.

As we’ve seen over the past few months, the way we live our lives, the ways we work and learn, the way we approach career exploration — all of that can change nearly overnight. And none of us saw these changes coming.

So…if you can’t even imagine the kinds of changes you’re going to face, how can you prepare for them? …

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Lately, our mornings have started off with a prolonged lie-around in bed and a daily game of mental tug-of-war:

What am I supposed to be doing right now…?

Seriously, it feels like everyone’s telling me to do something different.

Am I supposed to be working? Staying home? Getting back to normal?

Protesting? Donating? Should I post, or not post???

Why does it seem like everyone has more DOWNTIME than me???

Maybe I should just get up…

Yep, no matter how long we lay around contemplating life, checking social media, or reading the news, eventually we get going.

It’s a universal experience, starting the day. And for most, making that first move doesn’t feel like a monumental occasion. And yet nothing else if any importance can happen…until you decide to start your day. …

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Hey Class of 2020!

Lately, self-care feels more important than ever. For all you upcoming grads, we hope you’re getting enough time to treat yourselves—and we hope your version of self-care is looking a lot like self-celebration! It’s a weird time, but you should still be celebrating your accomplishments, celebrating the next phase of your life, and celebrating that you’ve made it this far.

But we know that self-care can feel tough right now, so we’re here to help, with a few free and easy self-care tips for 2020 grads.

Real quick, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: We’ve got some fun ideas for you — but they can’t replace all the exciting things you had planned for the end of this year. So it’s OK to feel weird, or sad, or mad right now. …


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