What happened to Violet Crown Masterminds and will it be coming back?

If you were redirected to this page when visiting VioletCrownMasterminds.com then you are in the right place.

This is where I’ve decided to give an update on what I’ve been doing for the past year that VCM has been dormant, as well as the backstory of this adventure and what the future may hold. Since I want to give myself freedom in telling these things, this post will be long.

  1. Quick Q&A
  2. Who I Am & How This Came To Be
  3. Violet Crown Masterminds 1.0
  4. My Sudden “Disappearance”
  5. Violet Crown Masterminds 2.0


I imagine there may be a few people who would appreciate not having to read through this entire post just to find out the status of VCM. There also may be some who are wondering what happened after the successful run of our first program last summer. So, here are the short answers to such questions:

  1. Has Violet Crown Masterminds (including Mutual Greatness Mastermind and the various other courses and programs that were planned) been shut down?
    Basically, yes — but at the same time, maybe not. There is a possibility of evolving what I’ve started with others who read this and feel called to partner with me. What I can say pretty confidently is that I cannot fulfill the vision on my own (not that I ever actually wanted to) and that I’m very interested in a kind of democratic co-op version of VCM that focuses on holistic, conscious living and personal/professional/spiritual alignment.
  2. Everything seemed to be going well and then you just disappeared without a word; what happened?
    Yeah, that’s not how I wanted things to go down, but I have to own up to the reality that there are situations where my natural response is to just sort of silently slip out of the room without explanation while I figure stuff out. I really didn’t know what to say because what I was experiencing was so unexpected and confusing. I was really uncomfortable with having so quickly gone from having all this clarity and momentum to having some really strange things happen that threw everything into question. But I am in a place where I can share the details now so we’ll get into that shortly.


In case you didn’t already know, my name is Bunny White, and I created Violet Crown Masterminds in late 2016. But my journey to this point really finds its origin in 2006, when I decided to quit my job, call myself an entrepreneur, and start my own business. However, my true beginning may have really been in 2000 when I was 19, fresh out of high school, taking my first classes at community college, feeling the pressure of adult life looming, and once again thinking about how I was not meant for the traditional working world. My specific thought was that the hardest thing I’d ever do to would be to figure out how to blend my multiple interests into a well paying and fulfilling “job” (one that really didn’t see me working for someone else).

Now, even I think saying that would be “the hardest thing I’ll ever do” does sound kind of lame, dramatic, and somewhat privileged. But after twelve years I have undoubtedly found the pursuit of this goal to be incredibly fucking difficult. It’s over a decade later and I’m still not “there” yet — nor do I know how close I even am.

As is often said about being an entrepreneur, it is deeply personal and will test you, kick your ass, stretch your limits, and even take you on a spiritual journey. While I haven’t suffered any major financial losses or had any major falling outs with people I’ve worked with along the way, my experience has none-the-less been full of challenges to overcome and things to grow through. And of course I can imagine one million harder things a person could endure in their life, and if this quest I’m on is indeed the greatest hardship of my life I’ll count myself lucky, but we all have our unique paths to walk and problems to solve — and this one sure seems to be mine.

One of the major pains I was dealing with seven years into my entrepreneurial journey was the commonplace culprit of loneliness and isolation. I really didn’t know anyone else who had similar ambitions to me as a creative solopreneur. I had done a number of things in that time to find support and feel connected, but it wasn’t really going very well — even after relocating to Austin, TX where I just knew I’d find my world-changing alternative-living community utopia (spoiler alert: I didn’t).

By 2013 my list of entrepreneurial businesses and gigs included interior decorating, clothing swaps, burlesque, gift wrapping, Architectural drafting, lifestyle blogging, professional organizing, and even five seconds as a “cam girl”. With all that under my belt, and the emotional toll it takes weighing heavy on me, I experienced a break down that became my break through.

The big takeaway from that time was learning about masterminds and making my formal entry into the world of personal development. Within four months of learning about the mastermind group concept in Napoleon Hill’s hugely popular book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, I was creating my first group with a woman I met through craigslist. A few months later I met with another woman and we began meeting up as well. And you know what? I still meet with these ladies and they have become my best and closest friends! For the past four years we’ve met and masterminded on a mostly weekly basis!!!

Because masterminds became such a powerful force in my life, and helped me in nearly every way I needed and even some ways I never dreamed of, I became the “mastermind evangelist”. I studied the topic and got plenty of friends masterminding with me or each other. Eventually one of my girlfriends suggested to me at our weekly meeting that I might consider making masterminds my business focus (especially considering blogging wasn’t going as well as I’d hoped and expected — shocker, I know). It made so much sense and I when I started to shift in that direction things seemed to align even more. Typical for me when I get excited about something, I went all in and thus created Violet Crown Masterminds.


This section will be posted June 4th.