A Canadian’s Guide to Unlocking Your iPhone

To take advantage of Roam’s full talk, text and data offers, your iPhone must be unlocked before being able to pop in one of our SIM cards. If you are unsure what an unlocked phone is, read our blog post on locked vs. unlocked phones. When it comes to unlocking an iPhone specifically, there are a few options; figure out which option best suit your circumstance. For those who travel frequently and internationally, having an unlocked phone will prove very convenient and useful.

Option 1. Buy factory-unlocked from Apple
This is recommended, as there are no additional steps to take. All iPhone models arrive factory unlocked when you buy directly from an Apple store, though there is a chance your later model iPhone may have arrived locked. If you need to identify if your iPhone is unlocked, you can take your phone to any Apple store, or check the firmware by restoring the phone in iTunes. In turn, iTunes will identify whether or not your phone is locked.

Option 2. Unlock by carrier
You may ask your current carrier to unlock your phone, but there will likely be a fee involved. Rogers charges each user $50 to unlock their phone. Certain criteria must also be met, which is standard for Rogers and Fido. This includes having an account in good standing, have paid the no contract cost for the device for at least 30 days prior, or have completed the contract. The device must also be purchased from Rogers / Fido. This may cause problems for phones purchased off Craigslist, or other similar sites. On the other hand, Telus does not unlock iPhones [see the list of devices they do unlock], while Bell offers their unlocking service at a fee of $75. There are other unauthorized unlocking options avabilable through your carrier, though unlocking by those methods may jeopardize your phone’s warranty.

Option 3. Using a Gevey SIM ***NO LONGER RECOMMENDED***
The Gevey SIM is not an actual SIM, but a SIM card tray, made by a company called ApplenBerry. They are available from $19.99 to $59.99, depending on which iPhone version and software you have.

Option 4. Unlock software ***NO LONGER RECOMMENDED***
The Gevey SIM doesn’t work with all versions of iPhone. If Gevey isn’t an option, use jail-breaking software instead. One of the more popular options is Redsn0w, which you can download and utilize on your personal computer.

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Know of any alternative options for unlocking iPhones? Or have any iPhone unlocking experiences to share? Drop us a comment.

This article originally appeared on the Roam Mobility Blog.