Changing Your APN for Cellular Data on the Roam Mobility Network

If your Roam Mobility plan includes mobile data or MMS, you’ll need to change the APN or Access Point Name on your device to “wholesale” before you can access it. To learn how to change the APN on your Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry 10 device, please follow the instructions below.

Get Device-Specific APN Instructions by Text Message

In-depth APN instructions are always available online, but you can get detailed, device-specific instructions delivered right to your mobile device when you’re in the USA too. Here’s how:

1. Text the word “APN” to 7850.
 2. Follow the prompts for instructions.
 3. It’s that simple!

Note: Some devices may require you to first insert the Roam SIM card in to the device in order to allow you to add a new APN or access the APN menu.

Data Settings for Android Devices

- Select Settings
 — Select Wireless and Networks (More…)
 — Select Mobile Networks
 — Select Access point Names
 — Press Menu
 — Press New APN or + symbol
 — Then enter the following settings:

Name: wholesale
 APN: wholesale
 Username: blank 
 Password: blank 

And if prompted: 
 MCC: 310
 MNC: 260

All other fields need to be left blank or whatever the default settings are

- Press Menu and Save
 — Ensure the new Roam Mobility APN is selected
 — Restart your phone (only required on certain devices)

Data Settings for iPhone, iPad and other iOS Devices

- Select Settings
 — Select Carrier
 — Select Cellular Data Network
 — Under the Cellular Data Network section, input:

APN: wholesale
 Username: blank
 Password: blank

Under the MMS section, enter:
 APN: wholesale

- Save the setting (by going back to the last menu) and restart your phone

Data Settings for Windows Phones

- Click the Start menu button
 — Choose Settings from the program list
 — Scroll down and click Cellular
 — Click on the Edit APN button
 — Input the following:

APN: wholesale
 Username: blank
 Password: blank 
 — Save and restart your phone
 The following settings are for MMS and are optional:

- Select add MMS APN
 — Enter the word wholesale under the APN field
 — Enter under MMSC (URL)
 — Restart the device

Data Settings for BlackBerry Devices

BB10 Devices

- Go to Text Messages
 — Press Menu
 — Go to Settings
 — Select Text Messages
 — Select the MMS tab
 — Select Advanced , and input:

APN: wholesale.

- Press Save
 — restart your phone

Passport Phones

- On the home screen, swipe across and tap Settings
- Under System Settings, select Networks and Connections
- Select Networks
- Choose Mobile Network
- Ensure Mobile Network and Data Services are turned on.
- Tap the cog icon at the bottom to open the APN settings and input:
 APN: wholesale
 MMSC URL: enter:

- Press Save
 — restart your phone

For more detailed data setup instructions for all smartphones, please check out our support article here.

What happened to the “roam” APN?

We replaced the “roam” APN with our new “wholesale” APN because it performs better on a broader range of devices and supports MMS functionality. Please use the “wholesale” APN for all future trips to the USA to ensure you have the best data experience possible on the Roam Mobility network.

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