Turn Your Roam SIM Into A Nano-SIM For An Unlocked iPhone

Apple’s new iPhone 5 introduces plenty of new hardware and software features, along with the new nano-SIM card format. Many of you who have an unlocked iPhone 5 have been asking if Roam Mobility will have nano-SIMs available soon. We expect to have them available sometime in early 2013 — there is no exact release date available yet.

The only alternative is to cut your existing Roam Mobility SIM card to fit the nano-SIM tray. But will it work?

There was some speculation because the specs for Apple nano-SIM revealed that it was not only smaller, but thinner as well. That begged the question “Will the tray fit a micro-SIM or standard SIM cut down to size?”

The answer is yes, and we’ve confirmed it!

The photos below show a Roam Mobility micro-SIM card (but you can use one of our standard SIM cards too) cut down to fit an iPhone 5 SIM card tray. On the left is a manufactured nano-SIM for reference.

We cut the Roam SIM down using just a pair of scissors and our eyes to get the dimensions right. You might want to use a box cutter and print out this handy template (hint: use the micro SIM to nano SIM template, not the mini SIM).

For those of you who plan on using your Roam SIM in other devices, you’ll want to pick up a nano-SIM adapter. That will fit your hacked Roam SIM back into a standard or micro size slot or tray.

Good luck and happy roaming!

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