Best Tesco Clone Script for Grocery Stores

Tesco Clone boosts the sales of local stores
Local stores and supermarkets can get their products listed easily at the Tesco Clone website. You can setup your own separate stores and receive orders from customers. You can add as many items as you want and collaborate with the best grocery website to boost your sales. You can setup offers and deals for your customers to attract more profit.

Tesco Clone PC : GroceryNCart

Create your own online supermarket at the Tesco Clone website
List your grocery items easily 
Manage order and delivery readily and easily 
Manage grocery items instantly using admin account

Store admin can create separate login section for grocery store management 
Tesco Clone provides competitive prices for all types of grocery products. You don’t have to spend your time hunting for the freshest produce as we carry the best items from multiple supermarkets. From the comfort of your home, place your order for fresh groceries and get them delivered to your home within a few hours. Once you place your order, an expert shopper will select the groceries according to your preference to guarantee maximum satisfaction. You can leave personal notes to the shopper to ensure that your groceries exactly match your requirements.

Add Your Store
Business owners can add their store with all the products, offers,deals and showcase the best products for the customers to buy and increase business growth.

Purchase Product easily
Easy navigation and selection of products for the customers among many varieties that are displayed everyday.

Order From Multiple Stores
Customers has the privilege to choose different products from different stores in their area as per their ease and need.

Your Own Dispatch System
Every store can have their own dispatch system with drivers to deliver products to the customer efficiently.

Mobile App
Store owner and Drivers can receive orders and deliver the products to the customers on time by using the efficient route navigation system.