Delivery Hero Clone | Food Ordering Script

Comeneat acts as a pioneer in providing best and largest online food ordering portal across worldwide.Eat24hours Clone has clients more than 20 countries all over the world. Comeneat ensures huge profits and running their business successfully across the world. The process of ordering food online is very easy, quick and comfortable on Comeneat.

Roamsoft is the only company, which brings out complete solutions for Delivery Hero Clone across the world wide. Now Comeneat has turned into familiar & popular product for restaurant business growth all over the world.

Considering this Roamsoft has launched new plan called “PREMIUM”, which ensures multi-step occurrence and prominent features in Comeneat.As mentioned below:

Rewards/Loyalty Program System

Reward system manages a reward structure for a restaurants and site owners. This system is operated by restaurants owners based on points, percent and validity. Customer gets rewards if her purchasing or ordering bill amount increases above the percentage limits of restaurants as they fixed for e.g. (50pt =10%). This system increases more profits of restaurants. This reward system is controlled by restaurants and site owners only.

Neglecting Restaurants

Customer can filter unnecessary restaurants and identify restaurants address exactly by using these options.


Coupons are provided to the customers by the restaurants owners in order to gain profits and attract more customers. Coupons are applicable for the customers if they go beyond the minimum order price. Coupons options are opened systematically in the restaurant Online Food Ordering Solution website and codes are given by the restaurant owners. Customer gets more benefits regarding these vouchers and coupons.

Search by Area (postal code)

Customer can find out location of specific or any restaurants by clicking Area, City and Postcodes in a website easily.It is user-friendly and helps the customer to find the restaurants address quickly.Restaurants address are identified exactly by using these options.Customer can filter unnecessary restaurants via these options.

Offers Management

The main concept of the offer management is providing offers to the customers based on percentage, prices and validity.This offer management attracts more customers to the restaurants.Restaurants gains more profits and enlarge their business.Restaurant and site owners can create the offer management option in a website easily.

Delivery Postcodes with Min Order

Restaurant owners can separate or extract delivery process for specific areas via city and postcodes.Restaurant owners can allocate delivery payments according to delivery postcodes easily. Restaurant owners can restrict delivery process to specific areas by delivery postcodes.Restaurant owners can assign delivery fees based on delivery postcodes. This is only applicable for restaurant and site owners.