Justeat Clone

Justeat clone is an online food Order Takeaway & Food Delivery platform launched by Roamsoft with a drive to connect the customers to the Restaurant. The process of taking online food orders and delivery is simplified by utilizing this platform.

Comeneat platform offers a range of features like Order Tracking, Driver Management, Track location, Map, Order tracking for customers etc…

How it works?

Comeneat platform works in just 4 easy steps.

*An online customer looks for a Restaurant through website or mobile app.

*Selects the required favourite food menu and the Restaurant receives the food order.

*Customer pays through options — Online payment or Cash on Deliver

*The food is distributed based on options — Order Takeaway or Home Deliver

What Comeneat provides?

Comeneat have developed the best simplest online Order Takeaway Food Delivery platform, which can be used by small and medium Restaurants as well. Because of the automation, providing quality service to his customers became easy.

An Order receiving app is provided to the Restaurant owners. This order-receiving app turns out a Smartphone or Tablet into an order receiving device and controls your order taking and food delivery process in a simple manner.

Comeneat provides a natural interactive experience for the customers of the Restaurant to quickly place online food orders. As an outcome, the Restaurant owners will also be able to swiftly respond on food delivery management.