Order Dispatch System

FoodFleets launched a product for fleet tracking system called Food Fleet. Food Fleet offers a solution for Online Driver Management, restaurant delivery management, Food Delivery Tracking, Food Delivery Management, etc.

Foodfleets system is a SaaS and mobile-technology tracking platform, which enables your business to handle delivery service in a seamless method. This system tracks location of driver in real-time at anywhere and provides complete delivery order reports. The system works with sophisticated solutions and includes significant real-time view for our customers to track food delivery orders in a simple way.

Usage of Food fleets

The system automatically gives alert to customer that the driver is on the way as soon as the delivery process starts. Manual dispatch process of this system assigns your order to nearest driver availability during delivery process.
 The system will show entire driver counts and delivery timing status will be mention for every food order. It also displays exact miles away (km) from driver location-restaurant-customer location if order is accepted. It is user-friendly and quickly accessible.
 • This system provides exact food ordering delivery timing status to the customers while ordering food.
 • The system enables food order delivery process at right time mentioned by customer with help of GPS system.
 • Just sign-up with your given e-mail id and password in website for food order delivery
 • The system generates complete restaurant delivery details report by entering order id, customer name, price, delivery/ordered date, driver id/name with status
 • This system can set-up multi-number of drivers by creating E-mail id and password