Food Delivery Tracking System


Food Fleets management provides advanced key features or turnkey solutions, which solves queries by the system arises with right solutions.

GPS Tracking System

The GPS tracking system tracks driver location and route traveled, provides real-time updates, and serves as an analytical tool to monitor and improve average delivery time and driver performance. The system enables customers and business owners to follow every step of the delivery through a live, map-based view of the route.

Track My Order

The Food Delivery Tracking System system tracks location of your driver with your customer through email in a real-time tracking map-based view. It also allows customers and drivers to track delivery orders as they go out to destinations.


To sustain profitable it is mandatory to find a balance between route efficiency and servicing customers. This feature displays or shows up multiple intelligent route map from source to destination and makes delivery order comfort. It displays details of maps, directions, resource utilization and many more to help you consistently evaluate your success.