Let’s Clean and Protect Our Environment!

Improper Waste Disposal

Good day readers!

What can you say about the picture?

Well, it is really disgusting to see the garbage that has been thrown anywhere.

Uncleaned Canal

Did you know that when you are throwing in the canal, it will cause flooding?
Yes, you know it well, but, you just ignore it.

After you have thrown a garbage

This what will be happened if we just throw it anywhere.

As you observed in the pictures, there are so many garbage that has been thrown in anywhere.
If we don’t take this action to clean it, there might be possibility that our community would get sick due to the bad smell of garbage.

At the same time, the mosquitoes would lay eggs through the uncleaned canal. Then later on, it would spread more and now, it would be the cause of dengue.

If there’s a lot of garbage that has not been disposed properly, it would block the drainage (if you threw a garbage in the canal) and soon, it would cause a flood in the community.

In fact, there is also a Leptospirosis in the flood.
So, if you don’t want to happen in your community.

Let’s Clean and Protect Our Environment!