Hello everybody, we are going start the first part of Clean Code with Java session and today I am going to present one thing that it is really important when you are evaluate a Pull Request or try to understand a code. Sometimes when you arrive in an ongoing project is really hard to read and understand some codes, mainly when those codes have many if / else statements. I bring here a good to make your clean code with Java.

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Thinking about SOLID, the S — Single of Responsibility, I will use the idea from my friend @Henri_Tremblay in…

Creating an API: From Design to Security

Application programing interface ou API de uma maneira geral é uma ponte que conecta dois ou mais programas e é por meio dessa ponte que é possível fazer com que empresas realize interações, por exemplo, pelo meio de pagamento. É um termo bastante genérico que se aplica desde métodos públicos de um frameworks até a integração com microsserviços. API é um dos termos que vem sendo discutido nos últimos tempos, mas afinal quais são os requisitos mínimos para se criar ou manter uma? Quais são os trade-offs, estratégias para uma API. …

I think you already asked yourself many and many times about how to get involved in an open source project? Well, since I came to Canada I decided to start some personal projects and get involved in the open source project was one of that. I contacted a guy from the same state that I used to live and he is a reference in Open Source Project in my country. His name is Otavio Santana, and he told me about an Open Source Project from Eclipse Foundation and he is one of the guys responsible about Jakarta NoSQL project.

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Let's talk about Microservices in this article. I've started to work with Microservices in 2017 and since I understood the importance about to apply this architecture in the companies I would like to start to share my knowledge with you. Let's start.

Probably you heard about the Pangea, when all the world was a continent unique around 300 million years ago and started to break and split. Normally, think about a Monolith like the Pangea 300 million years ago, and the Microservices like the world nowadays. …

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