Christmas 2016

The countdown to Christmas has begun
And while that is so
It is hard to not think of all the merrymaking,
the gift-giving, spending time with family and so much more.
Christmas brings with it something else
A gift, perhaps
Of time to reflect, and mind-space to think
Of all the ways my life has gone adrift.
There is much to be done
Much, yet to start
This year has been many things
Mostly a beautiful one, abstract and art.

Magical and moody
Like a short story I once wrote
Gifts in losses
Gifts in disguise
Lessons were learned
Girl on the rise
Girl, slightly more wise.
(I speak in riddles, and sometimes rhymes)
Forgive this digression; come the 25th, when we exchange greetings
I hope we also say
‘Merry Christmas to you, friend
Find the good gifts, meant for your way.’

It might not be a path lit with fairy lights or such
Elves shall not walk with you or be your guides
You will walk and walk, seeking to find — 
something special
something warm
something indescribable
everything meant to be thine.
When you wrap your presents
Do not just do so with glee
Slip in words of encouragement
And notes to free,

Crafting ornaments, making nankaties, dressing the tree with tinsel
means more than what meets the eye.
So whatever you do,
Give it your heart
Christmas will help you
carve your path.
Through a dark forest
Through a frozen river
Through the numbing snow
Through stormy weather, whatever your course.
There is much I attach to Christmas
I know this, even as I speak

I like all those fairy lights
Wrapping presents under the tree
Sipping delicious, spiced wine
Watching Christmas specials
Staying up all night, talking and loving 
Feeling high on what’s benign
Counting my blessings
And remembering to laughingly cry
Sometimes, however, I forget
About that which is important, that which is best 
Warmth, kindness and happiness that which is felt in hearts is the most wonderful kind of gift.

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