Space Oddity

Wow, the pressure is kind of intense on here! Mais, non — I jest. Ah, I don’t know! Have you ever gotten a little book of stories published? No? I haven’t, either. I wouldn’t begin to know how. I can read up material on how to go about it, of course. But it’s too scary. I like to postpone things, you know — avoid the inevitable. Yeah, I am that sort of person. I shouldn’t be. I over-think a lot, and don’t make much of much. Or anything. So, here’s a poem I made up as we speak:

Why are we foolish?

And why do we care?

Why must we question?

And then wallow in despair.

We are as young as young can be

But nobody gets it.

And instead, we fidget and fumble, curse and critique

Thinking that we’re each a one-of-a-kind kind of oddity.

(I know that wasn’t very good. These exercises are good for me! Oh, I must confess that I am not a David Bowie fan or anything. I knew of him because a lot of my friends worship him, but I did read up some more about him after he died, this year. Anyway so, the name of this track seemed appropriate for some classic punnery, and I’ve heard so much Ground Control to Major Tom referencing etc. so yeah. Lazarus is the first track of his that I properly listened to, btw and I reeeeeally like it.)

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