Stranger Things

What do you believe in?

There have been so many times when I’ve felt like there is a presence — you know the feeling when you are walking down an empty corridor or passageway, it’s a familiar one — you know it well, yet in the dark, it appears mysterious, and while you know the way, as you are walking straight ahead — you duck as if to avoid someone or something as though they are right in front of you. There shouldn’t be a collision. I know that sounds weird. But this, it is a celebration of weird. Of the spooky, unexplained, and weird.

Binge-watched Stranger Things (I completed watching it in a day’s time) this weekend, and it was just the best thing ever. Ever. (I’m sorry I can’t contain my excitement over movies or shows like this! I love anything to do with the SUPERNATURAL/HORROR genre.) I didn’t hear of it until it was out, I remember seeing some tweets about it but didn’t pay them much attention — I had an inkling of what the show might be related to, its basic nature, etc. but that was it. I wanted to watch it but hadn’t decided when. My sisters had already watched the whole series, and had the episodes — so I was, like, ‘Cool, I have no plans… Let’s just watch it, this weekend.’

Boy, was I b-l-o-w-n away!

Fell in love with the series almost instantly, with no other basis whatsoever — like I said, I barely knew anything about the show before. Found the first episode oddly intriguing and satisfying; I couldn’t sleep properly that night (Friday) as I longed to watch the whole story unfold, I wanted to keep on watching. After watching the first four episodes, I thought I would save the remaining four as a treat for later. Couldn’t do it!(Tried as much though to savour moments, scenes, etc. However, what I am doing RN is re-watching all eight episodes, again. Uh-huh!)

Stranger Things

(I can’t think of how to properly put into writing how I feel about this show, but I’m going to try.) After finishing the series, I couldn’t rest easy, last night — not just because I was spooked. I just couldn’t. Kept thinking over and over again about the series. I tend to do this, when I especially like someone or something. The story was flawless. It was something to do with the characters, and the plot and just the use of all those wonderful reminders from the past. Stranger Things makes you fall harder in love with all of the following:

  • Everything weird
  • Board games (Uh, and board game get-togethers, etc.)
  • Stephen King, as a genre
  • Stephen King’s novels (cover-wise — erm, it’s that Stranger Things colouring, shading, and typeface)
  • Cool, computer-like spooky theme music (I love the opening theme.)
  • Casio (er, those rad keyboard tunes and wristwatches)
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Erm, the 1980s
  • Alien (I loved those movies.)
  • Sigourney Weaver
  • Uh-huh, yesteryear Winona Ryder
  • E.T.
  • Mystery novels
  • Science fiction
  • Supernatural tales
  • Horror
  • American frozen breakfast treats, etc. (READ: Eggo)
  • Parallel dimensions
  • Explanations for the unexplained
  • Stories that don’t just make you think, “It was all in my head.”
  • Holly walking down that corridor in Chapter Three made me think of The Shining. (This is more an observation but a scene I enjoyed watching.)
  • Oh, and the hairstyles of the boys — so much eighties love! (Will, Jonathan, Mike, Steve.)
  • Independence Day
  • Being part of the ‘science club’ at school, etc.
  • The boys on their bicycles, riding back home (it reminded me of so many things — major flashback for me).
  • Of a time when we, as kids, wanted bicycles more than any other toy in the world! (I miss my old bike.)
  • Unlikely friendships
  • Science teachers
  • Another observation; this is definitely my new favourite phrase, “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.”

I shouldn’t say much about the plot; you can read what the series is about before watching it if you like. But do watch it, won’t you? Please watch it! I love it so much. The best thing about the ending is that it leaves you with the tiniest flicker of doubt. Will there be a second season? I hope so. There’s an “either/or” possibility to every mystery that was solved in the last two episodes. That’s the best part! Other ‘best’ parts include:

  • Deeply satisfying end to every episode, the right amount to make you want to watch the next one, etc.
  • It gives you enough to come to your own conclusions, and then reveals more than enough to confirm your worst fears or suspicions, etc.
  • All the main characters coming together in the last two episodes! (FAVOURITE PART.)
  • The characters, themselves. I don’t know if there’s one I liked more than the other. I could think about it and tell you, but I might give something away.
  • Though the creators paid homage to several bits from the eighties and the thrills of ‘horror/science fiction/supernatural’ movies made back then, they didn’t overdo it or make us not want more.
  • There was nostalgia, and love, and oh, too much excitement. So oddly, deeply satisfying. (Er, repetition.)

God, I can’t shut up about this series… Best one I ever saw, in yonks.